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One Planet Districts & Campuses



A framework for transforming existing neighborhoods and campuses into ecodistricts, deploying the 10 Principles and ecoConcierge programs

One Planet Districts bring together our experience applied in masterplanned communities like Sonoma Mountain Village and One Brighton, municipalities like Sutton, and with ecoConcierge programs such as the one run at BedZED. The program works at the district scale at four levels:

a) through partnership with the municipality on the planning and delivery of services and infrastructure

b) through engagement with businesses in the ecodistrict, particularly real estate developers, property owners, and key ammenities such as grocery stores

c) through provision of programs and services at the neighborhood level, especially the ecoConcierge program, to make sustainable behaviors convenient and compelling

d) through grassroots implementation of the EcoTeams model to empower households to work together