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About BioRegional in North America

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For 18 years, BioRegional has delivered inspiring, award-winning sustainability projects, from BedZED to Discovery’s ‘ecolifestyle’ TV series. Our ecoConcierge and Design for Sustainable Behaviors programs make healthy, low-carbon lifestyles more convenient in existing buildings through occupant engagement and behavior change. Our expert facilitators have created ambitious 10-year sustainability action plans for infill projects, master-planned communities, campuses and ecodistricts in Canada and the USA.

BioRegional North America

BioRegional North America’s mission is to create thriving regional economies where we meet more of our needs from local, renewable and waste resources, enabling people to enjoy a high quality of life within their fair share of the earth’s resources, and leaving space for wildlife and wilderness. We call this One Planet Living. BioRegional’s Mandate is to work in long term partnerships with communities, companies, real estate developers and local authorities, delivering real world, practical projects that implement One Planet Living. We use these projects as exemplars in order to change policy and practice. ­

Our dynamic team at BioRegional North America specializes in fostering sustainable behavior change and collaborative consumption amongst occupants (residential and commercial) in new and existing buildings. We manage the ecoConcierge Pilot Program for the international BioRegional network. We have broad experience facilitating One Planet Action Plans and providing sustainability coaching and independent verification services.

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Since 2005, BioRegional North America has operated in the United States and Canada as an independent, entrepreneurial non-profit associated through license agreement with BioRegional Development Group (UK). BioRegional North America is a registered Canadian not-for-profit organisation based in Canada’s capital, Ottawa, with projects across the continent. We are proud to have our head office at Hub Ottawa, a dynamic co-working space specifically for social innovators that is part of the global Hub Network.

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BedZED: world headquarters for BioRegional

BioRegional (UK)

With world headquarters in London, UK at the famous BedZED sustainable neighborhood, BioRegional Development Group has been creating award-winning sustainability solutions since 1994 (registered charity no.1041486). In 2011, BioRegional were named Social Entrepreneurs of the Year at the Davos World Economic Forum, and in 2009 won the Skoll Social Entrepreneur Award.

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BioRegional’s international programs are delivered from a network of offices around the

Other BioRegional Offices

BioRegional’s international programs are delivered by a network of offices around the world, in partnership with BioRegional Development Group’s headquarters in the UK.  Staff in these offices work directly with clients on projects in their region to guide them through the One Planet Action Planning process.

The One Planet approach and is flexible and recognises the importance of understanding local context when developing sustainable communities. By being based in the countries and regions where the Communities are being built, our staff have an in-depth understanding of the specific sustainability challenges faced, and can identify the most effective and feasible solutions.

The regional offices also undertake non-profit consultancy work and research, advising organisations, developers and local governments on how to apply the 10 One Planet principles and reduce ecological footprints.

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