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California’s Stockton Preserve Project applying One Planet principles

01 Sep Posted by in North America | Comments

BioRegional North America has been commissioned by developer A.G. Spanos Companies to help architecture firm Gensler develop a comprehensive Sustainability Action Plan for the Preserve – a proposed 8,000-unit mixed-use development in Stockton, California. The draft Sustainability Action Plan has informed the project’s recently announced Master Development Plan. BioRegional is expecting a finalized draft of the Sustainability Action Plan to be submitted soon for consideration as an offical endorsed project. BioRegional rigorously assesses a development’s ability to deliver on this statement: “If everyone in the world lived in similar communities, we would be truly sustainable.” Endorsement is a sign of deep green leadership; for every 3 projects that develop Sustainability Action Plans, only 1 will meet the full criteria for endorsement.

Due to several online articles that have incorrectly identified the Preserve as an official endorsed project, BioRegional has released an official clarification on the status of the project as a candidate One Planet Community.

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